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Online Business Building Mamas

Sep 16, 2020

There’s you, and there’s money, and there’s what is in between.

Most people think the things in between are actions they need to take, and they think they just need someone to tell them how. The truth is that the Internet is full of hows. There is literally no business advice, strategy, or tool, that isn’t available for free on some blog, podcast, or webinar. There isn’t a secret strategy you haven’t heard of yet that will suddenly make it all happen for you.

The problem isn’t a lack of a “how” that works. We have too many how’s. The problem is that no one taught you how to think to make money.

Profitable thinking is a series of lenses or filters for how you see the world, and how that perspective causes you to react.

On today’s podcast, I’m giving you a rundown of the most common unprofitable thoughts, and the profitable thought you can use instead to start making more money, now.