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Online Business Building Mamas

Jan 19, 2022

“Success” is not just about your business revenue. And it’s also not even simply about the impact you have in the world. 

My definition of scaling your business is “making more money, impacting more people, and working less time.”

The working less time part is the part that is the most important for moms. 

So many people build businesses that make a lot of money, but they sacrifice things - rest, physical or emotional wellbeing, time with family or friends, hobbies…

To me, that isn’t success. 

To me, success also encapsulates the HOW. The way you did it matters - just as much as the money and the impact. 

A lot of you have concerns and thoughts about scaling and I want to erase these fears. I want you to become aware of them but I also want to help you overcome them so that you are not afraid of scaling. 

On today’s podcast episode, I’m talking about the biggest myths business owners believe when it comes to scaling, and lay out the truth of scaling - what it actually takes and the new skills you will have to develop to grow your business to a million in annual revenue, and beyond.

You’ll learn:

  • The 5 myths you believe about scaling and how to overcome them
  • How to change the way you think about money - the fear doesn’t come from the money itself, it comes from your thoughts
  • ​​The responsibility of handling a team and HOW to do it successfully
  • How to release stress by managing your mind and your thoughts
  • Why believing in these myths will only slow down your potential to scale

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