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Online Business Building Mamas

Feb 3, 2021

We know that overworking ourselves is bad for our health. But many business owners still fall into the hustle trap, especially those who are just getting their businesses off the ground. 

And as moms, we do NOT want to sacrifice additional time with our families (or time for ourselves!) in order to grow our businesses. Our time is precious, and those who swear by hustling your way to success just don’t understand mom brains. Or any human brain for that matter!

On today’s episode of the podcast, I’ll share with you why hustle does NOT create the results you want in your business, and the one action you can take to overcome the urge to overwork and hit your business goals - whether you’re launching a new business, looking to make consistent income, or scaling to six figures and beyond.

If you think good things only happen to those who hustle, this episode is for you.

On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • What hustling actually means
  • Common myths of hustle mentality
  • What actions will help you achieve your goals
  • Why it’s possible to grow and scale your business - without straining yourself

Featured on today’s episode:

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