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Online Business Building Mamas

Nov 11, 2020

Have you ever scrolled social media, seen someone else succeeding, and felt worse about yourself?
The answer is yes.
Comparison is something that we all fall into - and unfortunately, it stops many people from showing up and hitting their own goals.
On today’s podcast episode, I’m revealing all the hidden truths about comparison: why we do it, how it hurts us, and how to stop doing it so you can focus on your own business and goals. If “compare and despair” is a cycle you’ve been stuck in before and you’re ready to make your escape permanently - listen now.On this episode, you’ll learn:
  • Why the compare and despair cycle happens
  • The limiting worldview most people have that stops you from success
  • The truth about competition in business
  • And how to stop letting comparing yourself to others stop you from showing up and hitting the goals you set