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Online Business Building Mamas

Apr 27, 2022

Recently my client Shannon Brome-Ward opened up to our mastermind with her thoughts about visibly making money as a Black woman, and how scary and unsafe that is. 

I’ve been thinking about her words ever since, and it’s a perspective I wanted to bring to you as well… because this is a topic I cannot speak to -...

Apr 20, 2022

I’ve got some news for you… you’re not a robot. 

And what this means, is that sometimes you and your brain won’t be perfect. 

I know… this reality kind of sucks. But I want to give you permission to be ok with it. 

Here’s the deal: you actually don’t have to be perfect to be really successful with...

Apr 13, 2022

Today I’m excited to introduce Julie Lamb to the Online Business Building Mamas podcast. Julie is a licensed therapist, life and business coach with almost 20 years of therapy and coaching experience. She helps entrepreneurs and high achieving individuals get clarity, confidence and empowerment to achieve their next...

Apr 6, 2022

Hustling isn’t always exhausting… at first.

Hustling can feel like following excitement and inspiration and fun. Until you find yourself exhausted. 

The term “hustle” is ever so popular in this day and age. The more we hear about hustle in business, the more it’s deemed acceptable. Most entrepreneurs have the...