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Online Business Building Mamas

Nov 28, 2018

On episode 26, Samantha talks about how to make deep & fulfilling friendships as an adult. Making close friends when jobs, babies, and real life are in the mix, can be so hard. Samantha explains why, what to do about it, and breaks down exactly how to craft those adult friendships you crave.


  • Proximity made...

Nov 21, 2018

In episode 25, Samantha confronts the concept of “shiny object syndrome,” her own struggles with it, and how to handle it with clear priorities, time management, and managing your mind. A must listen episode for any fellow squirrels!


  • From one squirrel to another…
  • Set measurable goals (with a number!)...

Nov 7, 2018

In episode 23, Samantha wraps up the Making the Magic Happen series with thoughts on how to stay motivated. Spoiler alert: motivation doesn’t last! Samantha explains why, and how to make progress towards your goals without motivation. 


  • Motivation and excitement will NOT be there for you
  • Commitment and...