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The Badass Mother Podcast

Oct 17, 2018

On episode 20, Samantha interviews Andromeda Huff of Writer Mom Life, a podcast, blog, resources, and FB community for self-published moms. When Andromeda's not writing or podcasting under the name Daphne James Huff, she's working at her non-writing job in the non-profit field. She recently returned stateside after 8...

Oct 10, 2018

On episode 19, Samantha gets on her soapbox a little about why positive affirmations don’t work, why we have negative thoughts, and how to actually change them!


  • Our ancient brains and why the critic exists
  • A positive phrase doesn’t fix the root of the negative thoughts
  • Collecting bridge thoughts and...

Oct 3, 2018

On episode 18, Samantha interviews Jenna Drew a health coach who helps others take back their health naturally with real foods, mindset, and essential oils. We talk about Jenna’s homestead (including bees!), her business, traveling as a speaker with a new baby – and more. You can find out more about...

Sep 26, 2018

This episode is about the bigger picture, your big hairy and scary goals and dreams, and where you are right now. It’s an inspiration and much needed kick in the pants to anyone who feels like where they are right now isn’t good enough, or that they’ll never reach big goals so why bother setting them.


Sep 19, 2018

Samantha interviews Karen Diaz, a registered dietitian, eating disorder expert, and mama to Claire and Lucas that is on a mission to help women through her website They talk about raising kids with a healthy relationship with food and weight, Karen’s new book, and how she’s built her business...